Update install_VS2010.xml file as well default tip

Self compilers fixes.

Fix for flexi prims not moving properly when being in edit mode, found by Henri Beauchamp (fixes PHOE-3656)

Added tag release- for changeset feed62e38a1a

Ease of use for contact sets, add multiple non-friends to group quicky

Updated tag list release-

Don't rebuild avatar attachments so often. From Zi Ree, fixes PHOE-3925.

Fix linux build error: "linux_volume_catcher.cpp:69: error: 'LLAPRPool' does not name a type"

Merged with tip

LLWearableDictionary shouldn't return -1 for an unknown type name

Keep bugging the user untill they click the checkbox "Don't show again". The user can click "Don't show again" and yes at the

Bugfixes for Phoenix Support Groups chat prefix.

Bumping version number.

Zi Ree's FIRE-5504 PFVS group version notification, ported to Phoenix by Kadah Coba.

Ported unpackLocalToGlobalPosition() in llworld.cpp from Firestorm; possible fix for PHOE-3922

Backing out NickyP's VS2010 changes; breaks compilation on OS X.

Backed out changeset: 1862396ac745 - Phoe-3915 - fix linux compile (this was already fixed differently)

Possible partial compile fix for linux/mac

Hide unstable MeshEnableDeformer debug setting

Adding some upcoming GPUs to GPU table

Possible fix for PHOE-3677

PHOE-3500: Fixed GCC Warnings rlvlocks.h Phoe 1540 (patch from Mysty Saunders)

PHOE-3432 : Fixed rotation copy from one prim to another not working if rotation is zero zero zero

PHOE-2170: port of FIRE-2250; In autocorrection process all strings as unicode so we get proper ind

Added CHOP, MAINT, EXP, SINV, PATHBUG, and DOC to jira parcer; removed ER

Move VS2010 lib downloads to our server


- fixed : don't overflow the network message buffer when sending an RLV reply

- fixed : crash when executing @adjustheight=force

PHOE-3888: Added missing Direct Delivery inbox folder icon

PHOE-3637: Fixed crash when saving a notecard opened from a prim

PHOE-3773: Show script time in ms, added debug option to show in microseconds (PhoenixScriptTimeMicroseconds)

PHOE-3494: Don't allow device settings before login, causes crash

PHOE-3836: Fixed crash when enabling voice and clicking device settings without applying first

PHOE-3861: Allow /me' when using viewer prefix (Patch from Inusaito Kanya)

PHOE-3865: Added missing notifications for ReleaseLandThrottled, ReleasedLandWithReclaim, and ReleasedLandNoReclaim.

PHOE-3870: Force transilate to off

rename translate debug setting to better force off.

Updated bridge version to force recreation with the new script


Backed out changeset: a5a27688b9d7

Auto use install_VS2010.xml for MSVC100

Grammar fix.

Turn off Viewer tags by deafult, add notice to Tags tab of Phoenix preferences.

update GPU table (coppied from Firestorm)


corrections to install_vs2010.xml for non windows libs msvc2010

TPVP: set "Specify Viewer Type" in phoenix support chat rooms off by default

correct boost to work with both 2005/2008 (boost 1.43) and 2010 (boost 1.45) msvc2010

Fixed rare case where WL water would not be set properly after TP

Branching MSVC2010 msvc2010

revert install.xml to origonal (VS2005) version. Include install.xml for those that may want to try out VS2010.


correct growl hash

turn off packaging in config comand

update install.xml to point to downloadable hacd package and growl package with expected file names (win only)

VS2010 config and build batch files for windows.

VS2010 build tweaks. Compiles and can log aditi. Not complete.


more 2010 changes: added 2010 support to main.cs, and updated VStools.exe

removed section in copywinlibs

add missing include file to llbuffer.h

updated 00-common.cmake with what I found in nickyp's imp fork

corrected elseif

Corrected boost version

build with 2010 support (code changes still needed)

Merge 2


build with 2010 support (code changes still needed)


remove file

Refixed radar and bridge position update

Merged in pile of fixes from Ansariel

Reverted online status stuff to LL 1.x trunk, cleaned up unused code and settings


Added tag release- for changeset b2e9fcf499c5

Backed out changeset: ae290ae10ffe

Fixed up LLVolume memory leak caused by mesh repo thread.

Merged in changes from Cool VL, all by/via Henri Beauchamp:

* Support for CreateInventoryCategory capability; backported from V3 by Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

* HTTP inventory fetching from V3, backported by Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Renamed LLPanelAudioPrefsLLPanel to LLPrefsMedia, inspired by Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Minor improvements from Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Bugfix for HTTP textures trying to load forever if server is overloaded (Status code 503) from Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Backport of V3 inventory loading at login via Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL) with additions from Singularity Viewer

Possible crash fix in LLDrawable via Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Possible crash fix in LLSocket via Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Proper bugfix for corrupted sound crashes under OpenAL from Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Fixes and optimization backports from V3 via Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Additional fast timers from V3; From Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Backported fix for a crash bug that could occur should a cached decoded sound file get corrupted or unreadable. Via Henri Beauchamp (Cool VL)

Fix for STORM-1713: Mouse cursor flickering when hovered over inworld objects

Removed comment that spams an XML parser warning in logfile

Fix for SH-2560: Nearby avatar textures fail to load; By Bao Linden

Removing true online status per Third Party Viewer Policy changes.

Fix radar and bridge position update

Added Alpha Masks settings to Advanced Graphics under Phoenix Prefs. release-

Disabled another translation related preference in Prefs->Phoenix->Chat.

Added support for missing LSL functions and constants; Fixes PHOE-3444

Always show PE value in build tools if mesh is enabled; Fixes PHOE-3552

(0) -1000 -300 -100 tip